Brdrs Petersen

Made in Denmark

Danish furniture maker Brdr. Petersen was established in 1973 by twin brothers Egon and Erling. Through changing times, Brdr. Petersen has retained the same ethos of honesty and commitment to quality that initially laid the foundation of the furniture workshop. Located in an old farmhouse in the Danish countryside, a small team of dedicated upholsterers and craftsmen manufacture a carefully chosen range of furniture by some of the greatest Danish designers to a select audience worldwide.

Working with furniture designed by some of the greatest representatives of the proud Danish design heritage requires a high degree of respect. For the classics to be as relevant today as they were almost a century ago, the details and the simple principles involved in the original creation of the furniture have to be carried out exactly as intended, and with great care and craftsmanship. There is no room for compromise, and no room for rush. This is why we strive for excellence in every detail, and every single piece of furniture is made by hand with selective and authentic use of materials, carefully crafted to withstand a lifetime of use.

SMINK has partnered with Petersen for several years and was privileged to visit their operation in Denmark.  Truly, this company has the quality and workmanship found in so few.  We show and stock several pairs of Seal armchairs and Penguin dining chairs.  The Oda, originally designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1956, is a personal favorite!