By Porro

Galileo is the new Porro wooden table with organic contours and natural hues. With a solid wood oval top, one-of-a-kind resilience, supported by four significantly thick tapered legs, Galileo selects from the new woods the heat treated ash, known for its soft, wavy grains that emerge from a dark and intense base. Statuesque, borderline sensual, 100% wood, the result of fine workmanship, it is available in 3 sizes for those who love this material’s exquisite total look that is rich in emotions.  Dimensions. L. 200 x H. 74 cm x D. 100 cm; 260 cm x H. 74 cm x D. 110 cm; 320 cm x H. 74 cm x D. 110 cm.  Finishings. Heat treated ash

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